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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Car Wash Camera Arches Carwasher.Net

This product is designed for use inside Car Parks, with Valet service, or in Car wash applications. Its purpose is to record the body condition of a car as it enters and leaves the facility.

  1. This system records in high resolution the video images of the entire body of a car as it passes by the arch, recording any scratches, dents or missing body bits. 
  2. The recorded information can be played back in slow motion whenever a complaint is received about damage to the vehicle while in care of the facility. 
  3. This product virtually eliminates any false claims and can save the facility thousands of dollars in unsubstantiated claims.
  4. The “Xtreme Vision” Detail Arch come complete with six cameras mounted and ready to install. 
  5. All cameras are high resolution, weather proof and vandal resistant. All camera connections are sealed and enclosed for protection from a harsh car park or car wash environment.
  6. The Arch ensures that the cameras are always at a perfect distance from the car, thus providing a non-contact, in-motion, hands free recording facility of every vehicle, which passes under this arch.
  1. Six  Water Proof High resolution cameras
  2. Custom Sizes
  3. Junction Box Mounted to top of arch
  4. Choice of Powder Coated Paint Finishes

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