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Friday, July 15, 2011

Starting A Car Wash Business: The Keys to Success Carwasher. Net

Starting A Car Wash Business: The Keys to Success

by CELTIC BANK on JUNE 10, 2011

Over 4 million cars have already been sold in 2011 alone which means many of these drivers will be turning to car washes to keep their vehicles looking new. There are over 15,000 car washes in the US and this industry continues to grow as the economy recovers. If you are considering opening your own small business, starting a car wash business may be a great fit. Follow these steps to get you on your way to opening your own car wash:

1. Select your lot

The location of your car wash should be in a high traffic area and highly accessible to your customers. It also helps if your car wash is located near popular retail stores and is convenient to residential areas.

2. Research your potential market

In order to maximize your profits you need to estimate what you need to meet customer demand. Demand can be estimated by surveying potential customers, looking at local competition, and by examining your community’s population.

3. Choose your car wash size

After you determine your predicted demand you are prepared to choose the lot size for your business. The lot will depend on how many cars you wish to accommodate at a time, usually two cars per bay. Most car washes are over 0.5 acres but the number of bays dictates the lot size. Car washes with four bays average at about 13,500 square feet while nine bay facilities are usually 25,500 square feet. You should also consider incorporating vacuum services which can bring in an extra $220 per month.

4. Determine operational costs

The cost of constructing your car wash will range from $200,000 to $400,000 depending on your location, type of car wash and the number of bays. If you plan to open an automatic car wash each bay will cost about $45,000 while a self car wash bay is only $25,000. The day-to-day operating costs of labor, supplies and utilities will average to $1,350 per month.
The costs of opening a car wash may seem high but remember that the projectedrevenue for an automatic car wash is over $4,800 per month.
Once you are officially open for business it’s time to promote your facility. A grand opening sale will attract new customers and allow them to try out your car wash without any risk. By following these steps you will be on your way to owning and operating your own successful car wash business.

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