Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wine Online

Everything You Need to Sell Wine Online

e-Commerce Websites for Wine Merchants

Bottlenose e-commerce websites come with “Everything You Need to Sell Wine Online”. We build, host, and set up the website. This includes performing Item Management on all items presented in the initial inventory file. Our approach is to give merchants the features, tools, and support they need so that the majority of their time is spent on procuring inventory, promoting to customers, and processing orders.

Pre-Designed HomePage

The Pre-Designed is a proven effective template designed website built to handle online orders over $1,000,000 per year.

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Custom HomePage

The Custom HomePage website is for merchants who desire a unique look and layout. They want features and functionality not available on the Pre-Designed website.

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Non e-Commerce Websites for Wine Merchants

The Bottlenose non-ecommerce website is for budget-minded merchants just getting started online and do not want a shopping cart. They are not ready to commit to selling across the country and setting up to process daily orders. For now, they are looking for a website with basic features and functionality designed for the wine & spirit industry. By purchasing a Bottlenose product, the merchant knows he can easily transition to other products as his business grows.

Local-Designed HomePage

The Local-Designed HomePage is a non e-commerce website packed with features. With it, local customers can find & contact the store, sign up for newsletters, and comes with an Email Marketing System to promote offers & events.

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