Thursday, August 2, 2012

Bottlenose is the Now Engine

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Bottlenose is the Now EngineTM

Our mission is to organize the world's attention. We measure the crowd in real-time and show you what's trending and important.
Bottlenose provides a free public discovery portal for everyone. But that's just the beginning.
If you join you also get a powerful personalized Dashboard for keeping up with all your social news, interests and networks in one place.

Track All Your Streams In One Place

Bottlenose brings all your streams together from different social networks and feeds. Add multiple Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. You can even connect Google Reader accounts and RSS feeds. No more juggling apps. Finally, you can keep up with everything in one place.
Track All Your Streams In One Place Screenshot

See What’s Trending for Any Interest

Search for any interest and Bottlenose scans the global brain in real-time to show you what the crowd is paying attention to right now. Use the Now tab to instantly get a dynamic overview of what’s going on.
See What’s Trending for Any Interest Screenshot 01 See What’s Trending for Any Interest Screenshot 02See What’s Trending for Any Interest Screenshot 01

View Any Stream as a Newspaper

View any stream as an instant real-time newspaper. Read the news, and browse what's popular in your networks. And share what you like across all your networks.
View Any Stream as a Newspaper Screenshot

See Live Streams of Photos and Videos

Bottlenose shows you live photos and videos around any interest. Watch as media flows through in real-time from multiple perspectives. The crowd is now your camera crew!
See Live Streams of Photos and Videos ScreenshotSee Live Streams of Photos and Videos Screenshot

Get Insights With Sonar

Use Sonar to explore the live emerging trends around any interest. Sonar visualizes live trending topics, people, conversation and types of messages, and how they relate.
Click to navigate, zoom in and explore. Leave it running and watch as Sonar updates live to show you the latest action.
You can also use Sonar to get the gist of large, fast-moving streams of messages and conversations. Sonar gets you up to speed immediately. No more scrolling to catch up, no more hunting for messages that matter. Sonar instantly shows what’s going on. You can even use Sonar on search results.
Get Insights With Sonar ScreenshotGet Insights With Sonar Screenshot

Powerful Filtering and Rules

Bottlenose knows how to find different types of content, like news, opinions, rumors, complaints, videos, events, and more. Instantly add semantic filters to find exactly the content you want.
You can also create sophisticated rules to find what you need, and even automate actions. Just want to see relevant opinions about your brand by influencers? There's a rule for that. Just want to get alerted when someone you like mentions you? There's a rule for that too. The possibilities are endless.
Powerful Filtering and Rules ScreenshotPowerful Filtering and Rules Screenshot

Add More Streams

Quickly add different types of streams from all your social networks. Click to add streams for interests, people, groups, lists, saved searches, smart assistants, and custom rules.
Add streams Screenshot Add streams Screenshot 02

Learn More About People

Click on any Twitter username, or just type one in, and Bottlenose analyzes them in real time. See their influence. Learn about their interests and expertise, their favorite topics, the people they mention, and what they're thinking about right now.
Learn More About People ScreenshotLearn More About People Screenshot

Write Once, Engage Everywhere

You can author and post rich messages in Bottlenose and send them out to Twitter, Facebook, email, and soon many other networks. Bottlenose automatically adds semantic tags, and you can also add your own. Plus, you can post messages of any length - Bottlenose intelligently shortens them and links to the full version.
Write Once, Engage Everywhere Screenshot

Search Across Networks

Search Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and other networks, all in one place. Search people you follow, or everyone. Then, use Sonar to make sense of the results.
Search Across Networks Screenshot 01 Search Across Networks Screenshot 02Search Across Networks Screenshot 01

View Many Streams at Once

You can view your streams one at a time, or all at once as a set of columns. So if you want to monitor a bunch of streams for an account at once, we’ve got you covered.
View Many Streams at Once ScreenshotView Many Streams at Once Screenshot

Want More Bottlenose?

Can’t get enough? Add plugins to extend your Bottlenose experience. Bottlenose's plugin framework supports Javascript and HTML5 plugins that install instantly.
If you're a developer wanting to write some insanely cool apps on the stream, we've done the heavy lifting to provide you with the richest platform to work with. Check out our Developer Program to learn more about extending Bottlenose.
Want More Bottlenose Screenshot

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