Thursday, June 28, 2012

Car Wash Mystery Shopper

Car Wash Mystery Shopper
Carwasher.Net Mystery Shopper Program

Where is the $1000 dollars a month on service going?
Where is the $1000 dollars a month on chemicals going?

What your true cost per wash?
Are you paying too much for service and chemicals?
We will give you a report

We provide a service to C-Store Chains Major Car Wash Chains

Review Wash Service
Review Service History 
Chemical Review Cost
Coin Box Review
Cost of Operation
Lighting Strike Review
Income History Declines
Wash Options
Wash Quality  
We will report our finding in an easy to read report

Review PM and PI programs and service programs
Dirty Car Programs  
Car Wash Manufacture warranty programs
Water saving options and reclaim options
Coin Box Review Cash Credit, Hamilton, Access, Unitc, Wash Soft, DRB, ICS,

Machine review Ryko, PDQ, Autec, Mark VII, Belanger, Sonny’s, Mc Neil, Hanna, Jim Coleman, Istobal, D&S, Wash World, AVW, Carolina Pride, Broadway, NS, Motor City, Wash World, DH, Super Wash, Slant, Tommy Wash,Peco,