Car Wash Industry Statistics
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Source: MSSP, IRS, Professional Carwashing and Detailing,
US Census Bureau
Date Verified: 3.5.2012
Carwash Industry StatisticsData
Car wash industry annual revenue$5.8 billion
Car wash industry annual revenue including gas purchases$48 billion
Annual car wash industry revenue growth from 2006-2011-1.6 %
Number of full-service carwashes9,000
Number of exterior conveyor washes10,500
Number of self-serve car washes36,000
Number of in-bay automatics58,000
Total number of carwashes113,000
Total number of car wash employees350,000
Number of cars washed annually2.3 Billion
Number of cars washed per day8 Million
Percent of car washes that also dispense gasoline65 %
Percent of car washes owned by small business persons90 %
Estimate number of gallons of water used on each car38 gallons
Average annual number of gallons of water lost per car wash48,000
In-Bay Automatic Statistics for a single operation
Average number of cars washed annually19,947
Average sale per vehicle$6.34
Average profit per vehicle$4.35
Average annual profit$86,531
Average annual revenue$139,000
Self-Serve Statistics for a single operation (Wand or Coin-op Style)
Average monthly revenue per bay$1,489
Average percent of time bay is in use10 %
Average annual revenue for a 2 bay operation$41,000
Tunnel Carwash Statistics for a single operation
Average number of cars washed per year45,750
Average price per carwash$15
Average annual revenue$686,250
Busiest Carwash Days by Percent of Weekly Washes
Saturday25 %
Friday20 %
Sunday12 %
Monday12 %
Strongest Seasons of the Year by Percent of Sales
Winter32 %
Spring25 %
Summer25 %
Fall18 %
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