Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Business Operations
It takes more than soap, water and brushes to run a successful carwash or detail shop. Environmental issues and being “green,” carwash insurance, carwash surveillance and security, carwash management, carwash marketing, and how to  manage, train, hire and fire carwash or detail employees are all vital components to running a business and staying ahead of the competition.
Whether you’re tuning your carwash tunnel, adapting your in-bay automatic carwash, or assessing your self-serve wash bay, Professional Carwashing & Detailing stays ahead of the issues and trends which drive car care business operators and owners to succeed. We pride ourselves on being the best carwash news resource in the industry and strive to keep you updated on important changes at carwash and detail equipment manufacturers, distributors and suppliers, as well as carwash associations and car care shows and expos.
Our content is geared specifically towards business operations and we also stay on top of trends like waterless carwashing and carwash franchise opportunities, as well as financial subjects that help carwash operators secure loans and take advantage of important tax breaks and incentives.

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