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Carwasher. Net: Laserwash 4000 Bridge Upgrades

Carwasher. Net: Laserwash 4000 Bridge Upgrades: Laserwash 4000 Bridge Upgrades         OPTION 1 The Laserwash® M5 Enhancement Package allows operators to enhance thei...

Sonny's Car Wash

Top 10 Reasons to shop with Sonny's

SONNY'S Promise

For new investors in the car wash business, for current SONNY'S customers, and for operators using competitive equipment and vendors, the SONNY'S advantage is equally important.SONNY'S offers each group of our clients 3 distinct advantages that are focused on their success.
  1. SONNY'S is the largest manufacturer of conveyorized car wash systems in the world. We don’t merely assemble systems, we design and manufacture them ourselves, here in the USA. That means our customers get the benefit of better service, quality and constant product improvement.
  2. SONNY'S has remarkable financial strength, perhaps best seen in this question: Of the 12,000 stockable items in our huge parts and service catalog, how many of them are available for shipment today? Every one of them. That’s a commitment to our customers in inventory that supports minimum downtime and effective operation.
  3. SONNY'S has a unique vision for the future. We have a commitment to making technology and training to work for our clients. Our new AutoPilot web-based tunnel controller and POS solutions create systems that allow real-time analysis for better and quicker decisions that impact profitability. And our CarWash College offers the only ongoing education for new and existing operators, with classes on overall operation and maintenance issues.
Those 3 things set SONNY'S apart, and help make us the clear choice for Car Wash operators.

Have you noticed that everyone claims to be "the best" or "Number 1" or "the Leader"? Thanks to our loyal following, SONNY'S actually is by far the largest seller of conveyorized equipment, parts and supplies in the world. At over $60 million in sales a year to this market, no one else comes close! An independent study in 2008 confirmed that SONNY'S has 28% market share here in the United States — twice that of our closest competitor and 3 to 10 times the sales of the others. Year after year we are verified as by far the largest in this niche. So if you want to buy what the market says is the best, you found it with SONNY'S.

Tour SONNY'S Factory
When it comes to personal care and after sale support, you won't find a better choice. Just ask our customers. We believe so strongly in our commitment to customer assistance, that our personal cell phone numbers are listed on this web site under 'Service and Support'. We are the only manufacturer to also have a 650 page parts catalog to give you the ability to have one stop shopping. Our catalog and parts supply business is another way we maintain a relationship with our clients after the equipment sale. We work hard at keeping clients for life! We have 11 experienced car wash operators on staff full time to help you with issues. The Equipment division for equipment, installation and technical support, Catalog division for parts and supplies assistance, and the CarWash College for training; three of the main pieces we have internally to support you and help you be successful. Add that to our national Select Service Organizations, partners that are local to you and represent SONNY'S in field sales, installation & support, and you have a team that can’t be beat.

Learn about our Go-Direct Promise
Sonny and his family have been washing cars on conveyors since 1949. No other manufacturer has that experience. With over 60 years of industry operational experience and 31 years of manufacturing under its belt, SONNY'S has built a reputation as a knowledgeable long-term player in the industry. We will build or re-equip well over 150 locations this year alone. We created the CarWash College as a concrete way to share some of that experience with operators to help ensure their success. Let us share some of this experience with you.

Learn what sets SONNY'S apart
Looking for the best value? We're the only company that sells directly to you and publishes our equipment prices. We manufacture our own equipment here at our factory and use our award winning highly efficient production facility to offer you the best savings. And yet, we never sacrifice quality. Take the online factory tour to see for yourself just how efficient and advanced our factory is and why we have been recognized twice for our outstanding performance from the South Florida Manufacturers Association. While others may price their equipment high and then discount to you once they know they are quoting against SONNY'S, we give you the right price from the beginning — pricing we believe is so reasonable that we publish it.

Quote a SONNY'S Tunnel
If you want a company that will be here in 5 years when you need a replacement part, look no further than SONNY'S. Dun and Bradstreet have repeatedly given us their strongest financial rating available for a company of our size. We are a company with no debt. Add to that the fact that the company founder has been in the industry since 1949 and you will begin to appreciate the strength and stability exemplified by SONNY'S. Family owned and operated – Real people that are onsite and can make informed decisions for their clients.

Meet SONNY'S President
Help is always within reach. We have an established network of technical support professionals in the United States, as well as a prominent presence throughout the world. That's in addition to our in-house technical service department. You have access to teams that can help you such as: Our CAD department that will produce site-specific, in depth mechanical drawings for your site that average 48 pages to save you time and money and help ensure a smoother construction and installation process — and our design team draws over 150 sets of plans each year. That's more plans than most distributors do in a lifetime! No one else comes close to the level of detail we provide or having the experience we have gained by installing 2 to 10 times the amount of equipment per year than the others do.

Contact SONNY'S Support
You need it, we have it — today. From full conveyor systems to parts, supplies, self service items, auto accessories and professional detailing products, we have it all. Over 14,000 items and an average inventory of $8.5 million. We have been recognized for our innovation with such items as our exclusive MicroClean® cloth material, Big Man® high volume wraps, and Gator® high efficiency blowers. This year we again introduced 8 new innovations at this year's Car Care World Expo! Watch the “Virtual Trade Show” video to see each one of them. Year after year, we sell more conveyorized equipment than anyone else in the world establishes that we have a great product line and selection.

Shop over 12,000 car wash items
Your order is processed and shipped within 24 hours. We can offer such speed and service because we manufacture our equipment onsite and stock over 14,000 different parts in our 135,000 sq. ft. warehouse. Regardless of what method you prefer, you can get our instant shipment notification either via fax or e-mail as soon as it’s processed.

View your order history
Cleaner, drier, shinier cars. We're consistently delivering some of the best designs and innovations on the market, such as Bison® wheel cleaner, Plus Nozzles®, the Tire Shine® machine, and the Pendulum®. Just take a look at our latest equipment. And as we improve our equipment designs, we do our best to make sure the upgrade can be easily retrofitted to our previous models so you can upgrade what you have bringing your machine to the most current version rather than buying a whole new unit. Last year 8 of our innovations became available as kits to upgrade existing equipment.

See the newest innovations
So relax. You're certainly not the only one considering owning our equipment. In fact, there are thousands of satisfied customers who can testify to the quality of our equipment and the level of customer service that we deliver daily. We would love to have you become one of them. Please call us and we will be happy to furnish you with the names of those you can call for a reference – or better yet just grab one of them at the next trade show and ask them for yourself. It is because of the loyalty of our clientele that we can proudly say “we sell more conveyorized equipment than any other company in the world”. We will continue to work hard for your business. We take our commitment to our clients very seriously. That is why we have published our cell phone numbers on this site under the “Service and Support” area. We will be here when you need us.

Meet our customers

CAR WASH EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES, Mobile Cleaning & Truck Wash Division of Dultmeier Sales

CAR WASH EQUIPMENT & SUPPLIES, Mobile Cleaning & Truck Wash Division of Dultmeier Sales

D&S Car Wash Equipment Company

D&S Car Wash Equipment Company

Kleen-Rite Corporation - LED

Kleen-Rite Corporation - LED

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Self Serve Hose Replacement

Hose Replacement
Hose Replacement Before
Hose Replacement After

Hose and Fixing Replacement
Hose and Fixing Replacement Before
Hose and Fixing Replacement After

Laserwash 4000 Bridge Upgrades

Laserwash 4000
Laserwash 4000 Bridge Upgrades
Laserwash 4000 afterOPTION 1
The Laserwash® M5 Enhancement Package allows operators to enhance their Laserwash® 4000 wash bays with some of the latest innovations from the Laserwash M5. This package is perfect for operators with Laserwash 4000 equipment that is currently 5-9 years old. The Laserwash M5 Enhancement includes PDQ’s patented Virtual Treadle® plus new stylized bridge and signage to provide customers with a new and enhanced wash experience.
Laserwash 4000 beforeOPTION 2
Why replace your Laser with a copy-cat or a rebuild? Get a new, original in bay LW4000 bridge! The Laserwash 4000 Bridge replacement is an economical way to upgrade your wash bay. You will receive a new machine with all stainless steel construction, assembled and tested at the PDQ factory and backed by a 1-year limited warranty.
Give the customer what they want and increase sales. At the time of it’s release 3X Colour Foam was one of the largest revenue-generating options available for carwash operators. The 3X Colour Foam Applicator is designed to apply three coloured foam solutions to the vehicle creating a rainbow effect. It replaces the standard foaming wax pass and coupling it with the Productivity Package you can apply the 3X Colour Foam and rinse it off using a Clear Coat product in one pass of the bridge, shortening your wash time.
Stop putting pipe insulation / water “noodles” and zip-ties on your Laserwash 4000 arch. Get a more professional look by applying the Arch Cover Retrofit Kit, with a custom moulded PVC cover and stainless steel mounting brackets specifically designed for the Laserwash 4000. Giving superior durability to wear and greater chemical resistance, as well as better protection from the nozzles.
So, you already have low arch impacts with your Laserwash 4000, but what if you never had to restart your machine after a towbar impact. Laserminder automatically adjusts the arch position to maneuver around aftermarket products, such as towbars or bike racks. Included hardware will also secure the arch in an impacted position in the event of shear bolt breakage.
Wondering what your sales were for yesterday? Don’t get in your car and travel to the wash - the LaserNet system will send you daily, weekly, monthly and yearly sales reports directly to your phone or computer - Automatically each day. The LaserNet system provides carwash owner and operators direst access to sales, maintenance and error information. LaserNet automatically sends the carwash’s vital information to a cell phone or computer.